It’s Later Than You Think For American Democracy


Conservative Billionaires Spend Hundreds of Millions of Dollars Buying Republican Politicians During Every Election

They use their Republicans to give themselves trillions of dollars worth of tax cuts, they fund it by attacking your health care and financial security, and they maintain their power by attacking your voting rights and by making sure the Republicans do nothing while Trump incites white supremacist violence.


Meanwhile, Major Problems Go Unaddressed

The opioid epidemic is now the leading cause of death of Americans under 50, mass shootings have become routine, "once in a lifetime" storms hit us multiple times a year, health care costs are unaffordable and rising, and whole generations are crushed under staggering levels of student loan debt.


50 Years Ago, It Was Entirely Common to Become Financially Comfortable Simply By Getting A Job And Working Hard

That's no longer true today because the government stopped working for the people and started working for the people who bought it.


How It Works


We Tend To Think Of All The Potential Voters Like This

Two groups of mostly even strength, with a small sliver of voters that could plausibly be persuaded to vote for either group.

chart (1).png

But The Reality Looks A Lot More Like This

130 million Americans vote. Another 100 million Americans don't vote, but could. Election after election, this massive group of unused votes is left on the sidelines. Almost half of non-voters are people of color, two-thirds are younger than 50, and more than half of them earn less than $30,000 a year. And they tend to support progressive policies more than people who vote.


In 2020 We're Going To Get Them Off The Sidelines And Into The Game. You Can Help.


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