Year Two

A Sample of Horrors You May Have Forgotten


January 2018


Trump waives federal fines for five huge banks. One of the banks was involved in a Russian money laundering scheme.

Trump and his businesses owe that bank $130 million.

Trump removes a decades-old ban on drilling for oil and gas in most federal waters.

After a federal judge orders Trump’s voter suppression commission to allow Democrats to see what it is doing, Trump permanently disbands the commission and says he will instead have the Homeland Security Department investigate his voter fraud conspiracy theories.

He then refuses to provide the Commission’s documents to Democrats, despite the court order requiring him to do so.

Jeff Sessions ends an Obama policy at the Justice Department. Federal prosecutors will once again be allowed to interfere with state-legal marijuana laws.

Trump’s acting director of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency says that politicians in "sanctuary" cities should be charged with crimes.

Later in the month, Trump’s Homeland Security Secretary confirms that the Justice Department is considering arresting state and local elected officials who do not go along with Trump’s immigration policies.

Trump tells a group of senators that the US is accepting too many immigrants from "shithole countries", referring to Haiti and countries in Africa, and says that the US should have more immigrants from Norway instead.

The Republicans shut down the government.

This is the first time in decades that a single party has controlled the White House, the House, and the Senate, and been unable to agree with itself on keeping the government running.

Trump’s Acting Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Mick Mulvaney, asks for no funding for the agency.

Later in the month, the Bureau drops an investigation into a loan company that had donated money to Mulvaney when he was a Congressman.

A federal court rules that North Carolina Republicans have unconstitutionally gerrymandered the State’s congressional districts.

The Supreme Court temporarily blocks the ruling while the Republicans file an appeal, allowing the 2018 elections to be conducted with unconstitutional districts.

We learn that Trump ordered the firing of Special Counsel Bob Mueller back in June 2017, just a month after he fired FBI Director Jim Comey, and only backed off when his own White House Counsel threatened to resign rather than carry out the order.

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, a favorite target of Trump and Republican conspiracy theorists, is forced to retire.

We learn that shortly after firing FBI Director Comey, Trump met with then-acting Director McCabe, asked him who he voted for in the 2016 election, and told him that his wife was a loser.

Later, Trump had Attorney General Jeff Sessions pressure the new FBI Director, Christopher Wray, to fire McCabe. Wray refused, and threatened to resign if Sessions didn’t back off.

75% of the National Park Advisory Board resign after Trump’s Interior Secretary refuses to meet with them for the entire first year of Trump’s Presidency.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court rules that Republicans have unconstitutionally gerrymandered the State's congressional districts.

Trump announces that he will not comply with the law requiring him to impose new sanctions on Russian oligarchs close to Putin.

Despite this law having passed with overwhelming bi-partisan majorities, Republicans in Congress are silent on Trump's violation of his oath of office.

23 people were killed and 89 were wounded in 22 mass shootings in America this month, including a shooting in Kentucky where a 15 year old shot up his high school.

Trump and Republicans in Congress did nothing.


February 2018


The Directors of several intelligence agencies testify unanimously to a Senate committee that Russia is currently attacking the 2018 election, and that Trump hasn't given them the authority do anything about it.

Trump remains unconvinced that Russia interfered in the 2016 election, and has specifically not authorized the NSA Director to disrupt ongoing Russian hacking operations.

Two of Trump's White House staffers resign after it becomes public that they had been accused of beating their ex-wives.

Trump's response to the allegations: "He says he's innocent."

More than 130 members of Trump's White House staff have been working for over a year despite being unable to get permanent security clearances.

The head of cyber-security at the Department of Homeland Security says that Russia successfully penetrated the voter registration databases of several States in 2016.

Separately, the intelligence community concludes that Russian-backed covert operatives penetrated and compromised the voting systems of at least 7 States prior to Election Day 2016.

Three months after declaring that the national opioid crisis (which is now the leading cause of death of Americans under 50 years old) is a public health emergency, and then doing nothing about it, Trump says that he wants to focus on law enforcement, not on treatment.

A gunman shoots and murders 17 people and injures another 15 people, mostly children, at a high school in Florida.

Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress do nothing.

Paul Ryan removes the head of the Election Assistance Commission, which is a federal agency in charge of helping States secure their elections from hackers.

Special Counsel Mueller indicts 13 Russians and three Russian entities on numerous charges, related to their interference in the 2016 election.

Trump's Department of Health and Human Services launches a broad attack on the LGBT community, removing protective regulations and policies.

Special Counsel Mueller indicts the son-in-law of a Russian oligarch close to Putin for lying to the FBI in relation to the Russia investigation.

Trump's former deputy campaign Chairman Rick Gates pleads guilty to charges of felony conspiracy and lying to the FBI.

Gates's boss, Trump's former campaign Chairman Paul Manafort, is then charged with additional crimes, including tax evasion and bank fraud linked to money laundering and failure to register as an agent of a foreign power.

Democrats on the House Intelligence committee publish a memo laying out some of what they've learned about the Russian attack on the 2016 election.

This memo, among other things, makes clear that during the 2016 campaign, when Trump publicly asked the Russians to hack Hillary Clinton’s emails, his campaign advisor George Papadopoulos had already been told by Russian agents that Russia had thousands of her emails and would be assisting the Trump campaign by anonymously releasing them.

Trump's Citizenship and Immigration Services alters its official mission statement, removing the traditional reference to the United States as "a nation of immigrants."

Federal counterintelligence officials are investigating whether a Russian politician close to Putin has been funding the NRA.

43 people were killed and 64 were wounded in 14 mass shootings in America this month.

Trump and Republicans in Congress did nothing.


March 2018


Trump decides to start a global trade war, which he says are "good, and easy to win."

We learn that the State Department has a budget of $120 million to counter foreign interference in American elections, and has not spent a penny of it.

A military grade nerve agent is deployed in a British city in the attempted murder of a former Russian double agent and his daughter.

The British Prime Minister says that it is highly likely that Russia is responsible.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson publicly backs up the British government, saying that the poisoning will “certainly trigger a response.”

Less than 24 hours later, Trump fires Tillerson with a tweet.

When Tillerson’s deputy contradicts the White House’s lie about how Tillerson was fired, he is fired as well, and replaced with a Fox News talk show host.

National Security Advisor McMaster says that Russia is complicit in atrocities committed by the Syrian government.

Within hours, Trump decides to remove McMaster from his position.

Attorney General Sessions fires FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe less than 48 hours before he is scheduled to retire, in an attempt to deprive him of his pension.

A week later, we learn that McCabe had authorized a criminal investigation of Sessions related to Sessions' apparent lies to Congress about his contacts with Russian officials.

The Republican-controlled House Intelligence Committee formally ends its investigation into Russia’s attack on the 2016 election, by concluding that, despite the conclusions to the contrary of both the US intelligence community and a federal grand jury, Russia was not supporting Trump in the election.

The Homeland Security Department and the FBI warn that Russia is hacking into US nuclear facilities and other critical infrastructure.

The Federal Election Commission is investigating whether the NRA used Russian money to benefit Trump’s campaign.

More than a year later, we learn that the Republican Commissioners at the FEC blocked this investigation from going forward.

A former Trump advisor confirms that Trump’s businesses violated US law by entering negotiations on a deal with a sanctioned Russian bank in 2016.

Trump calls Putin to congratulate him on winning the pretend Russian election, despite being specifically advised against it by his own national security advisors.

Weeks later, we learn that Trump secretly invited Putin to the White House.

Trump’s personal assistant is fired and escorted out of the White House by the Secret Service.

He is apparently under investigation by the Department of Homeland Security for serious financial crimes.

He is immediately hired as a senior advisor by Trump’s re-election campaign.

Trump creates an advisory board to write federal rules for importing heads of hunted African animals, and fills it with trophy hunters.

Republicans in the Pennsylvania State legislature, angry that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that their gerrymandered map of the State's congressional districts was unconstitutional, try to impeach and remove four of the Justices from office.

Republicans in Illinois nominate an actual Nazi to run for a seat in the US House.

20,000 Republicans vote for him in the primary election.

Trump formally bans transgender troops from the military.

Trump’s abstinence-only extremist appointees at the Department of Health and Human Services cancel a federal program to prevent teen pregnancies.

Trump appoints John Bolton to be the new National Security Advisor.

Bolton immediately announces that he is going to remove dozens of national security officials who are “disloyal” to Trump.

Trump fires the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, and nominates his personal physician, who has no experience running a massive organization, to replace him.

His new nominee has told the public that Trump is "mentally very, very sharp", and that Trump's genes are so great he could live to be 200 with a better diet.

15 people were killed and 68 were wounded in 18 mass shootings in America this month, including a shooting in California where a gunman entered a home for elderly and disabled veterans, and murdered three people including a pregnant staff member.

Trump and Republicans in Congress did nothing.


April 2018


In response to Trump's new tariffs, China announces an additional 25% tariff worth $50 billion on 106 US products, including soybeans, cars, and aircrafts.

General McMaster, in his last public remarks before being forced out as National Security Advisor, says that "'We have failed to impose sufficient costs' on Russia."

The FBI raids the offices of Trump’s longtime personal lawyer, Michael Cohen.

Trump, in a meeting with top military leaders, says that the Special Counsel’s investigation is “an attack on our country”.

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley announces that the US will impose additional sanctions on Russia for enabling Syria’s dictator Bashar Assad to murder his own citizens with chemical weapons.

Trump overrules her the next day.

Trump pardons Scooter Libby.

Libby was convicted of perjury and obstruction of justice in 2007, for his involvement in the illegal disclosure of a CIA officer’s identity while he was chief of staff to Vice President Dick Cheney, in retaliation for the officer's husband’s opposition to the invasion of Iraq.

The six largest banks in the United States have gained $3.6 billion in just three months from Trump's tax cuts for billionaires and corporations.

27 people were killed and 87 were wounded in 25 mass shootings in America this month, including a shooting in Tennessee where a man opened fire in a Waffle House.

Trump and Republicans in Congress did nothing.


May 2018


Attorney General Sessions announces Trump’s new child-separation policy: Children illegally entering the country with their families will now be separated from their parents and held at detention facilities.

We learn that a company controlled by Michael Cohen, Trump's personal lawyer, has received millions of dollars in secret payments in 2016, 2017, and 2018 from AT&T, Novartis, and a Russian company controlled by Russian oligarchs, in what looks a lot like a bribery scheme.

Trump announces that he is withdrawing the US from the Iran nuclear deal.

Trump eliminates the top cybersecurity policy advisor position from the National Security Council.

A gunman kills 8 children and 2 teachers and wounds 14 people at a Texas high school.

Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress do nothing. Again.

Trump orders the Commerce Department to reverse sanctions on ZTE, a giant Chinese telecommunications company that is considered a significant threat to American national security.

A few days earlier, China had announced that it will give a $500 million loan to a massive Indonesian development project that includes Trump-branded hotels, residences, and a golf course. Coincidentally.

Education Secretary Betsy Devos kills a special investigations unit that had been looking into fraudulent activity at several large for-profit colleges where Devos’s top aides used to work.

We learn that Trump insists on using an unsecured cellphone, because he finds the secure phones to be “too inconvenient.”

It is a virtual certainty that numerous countries are able to effectively spy on the President’s private conversations, and possibly more using the camera and microphone on his phone.

Trump is refusing to spend any of the $200 million that his own administration budgeted to help protect civilians in Syria.

Trump puts Ronald Mortensen in charge of refugee and migration issues at the State Department.

Mortensen is a fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies, which the Southern Poverty Law Center classifies as a hate group.

Trump decides to extend his trade war to America’s allies, and imposes tariffs on Canada and the European Union.

Trump accuses Special Counsel Mueller of "meddling" in the 2018 midterm elections.

We learn that the White House is refusing to respond to or communicate with the Government Accountability Office, which is the chief auditing agency of the federal government.

Trump appoints Fred Fleitz to be the new National Security Council chief of staff.

Fleitz was previously the top policy official for the Center for Security Policy, which is an organization that promotes the conspiracy theory that Muslims have infiltrated the US government in order to take over the United States. It is considered a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

34 people were killed and 123 were wounded in 29 mass shootings in America this month.

Trump and Republicans in Congress did nothing.


June 2018


Republicans in the House continue to push their insane conspiracy theories and undermine the Justice Department and the rule of law in order to protect Trump and his associates from being held accountable for their crimes.

In 6 weeks, Trump has forcibly separated almost 2,000 children from their parents at the Mexican border, including a 4 month old child who was taken from her mother while breastfeeding, and a ten year old girl with down syndrome.

Trump’s Department of Health and Human Services is planning to build tent-city prison camps on US military bases in Texas to house the imprisoned children.

Melania Trump visits the prison camps for babies that her husband has created, wearing a jacket that literally says "I really don't care" in huge letters on the back.

Mexico imposes tariffs on $3 billion worth of US products, including cheese, bourbon, and pork, in retaliation for Trump’s idiotic tariffs on steel and aluminum.

Trump’s acting head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau fires the agency’s entire 25-member Consumer Advisory Board for criticizing his attacks on the agency he is supposed to be leading.

The advisory board is required by law to meet and advise the agency head on civil rights and fair lending.

As he leaves for the G7 summit, Trump calls for Russia to be reinstated into the regular meetings of the world’s largest economies, from which it was expelled in 2014 after its military invasion and annexation of a European country.

Ben Carson, Trump's Housing and Urban Development Secretary, proposes a 20% rent increase on people receiving federal housing assistance, which would result in rent growing six times faster than hourly wages.

Net Neutrality is officially repealed by the Republican majority at the Federal Communications Commission.

The New York Attorney General sues Trump and three of his adult children for operating a fraudulent charity that was designed to financially benefit Trump personally.

The five Republicans on the Supreme Court vote to allow States to purge voter registration databases in a way that is designed to reduce the voter participation rate of racial minorities and younger voters.

Special Counsel Mueller finds evidence that Paul Manafort, Trump's former campaign chairman, has been tampering with witnesses.

In response, the Judge overseeing Manafort's criminal prosecution revokes his house arrest and imprisons him pending his trial.

Steve King, a Republican Congressman from Iowa, retweets a neo-Nazi.

His Republican colleagues do nothing.

Attorney General Sessions announces that the US will now refuse asylum to anyone fleeing gang violence or domestic abuse.

China adds another $34 billion in tariffs on American soybeans, orange juice and whiskey, in response to Trump’s idiotic trade war.

The European Union also imposes $3.4 billion in tariffs on American steel, bourbon, motorcycles, peanuts, peanut butter, cranberries, and orange juice.

India and Turkey also respond, with tariffs on American rice, automobiles, and sunscreen.

We learn that a network of several high-ranking Russian officials met with NRA executives during the 2016 US election.

John McCain’s 2008 Presidential campaign manager quits the Republican Party in disgust, calling the party "corrupt, indecent, and immoral", and "a danger to our democracy."

We learn that numerous buyers with questionable histories and with connections to Russia have made 86 all-cash purchases at several Trump properties, totaling $108 million.

The Director of ICE is asked whether Trump's policy of imprisoning children, which he is carrying out, is humane. He refuses to answer.

The five Republicans on the Supreme Court vote to:

  • allow Trump’s Muslim ban

  • defund unions

  • allow Texas Republicans to continue racially gerrymandering the State’s congressional districts in order to weaken the power of Latino voters

  • prevent States from requiring that anti-abortion counseling centers provide pregnant women with information about abortion services, while allowing States to compel doctors to discourage women from having abortions

  • allow credit card companies to prevent retailers from telling customers that they can avoid higher fees by using different cards.

Trump is forcing toddlers to appear in front of immigration judges on their own, for deportation hearings.

Large for-profit prison companies have given huge sums of money to Republicans. Trump's policy of imprisoning babies has now given them a new billion dollar revenue stream.

While deporting a three-year-old and his pregnant mother, an ICE agent assaults an immigration attorney, breaks her foot, prevents her from calling 911, and refuses to allow her medical attention.

Even some ICE agents now want their agency disbanded, telling Trump's Secretary of Homeland Security that Trump's child prisons are limiting their ability to pursue national security threats, child pornography and transnational crime.

Trump's 2020 re-election campaign manager says that Trump should fire the Attorney General in order to end the Special Counsel's investigation into Russia's attack on American elections.

A gunman shoots and murders 5 people at the offices of the Maryland Capital Gazette.

Trump refuses to order flags to half-mast.

Trump’s ambassador to Germany appears to be spending significant time and effort attempting to strengthen far-right political parties in Germany, Austria, and throughout Europe.

The US Ambassador to Estonia resigns in disgust after more of Trump’s anti-Europe rants.

47 people were killed and 223 were wounded in 52 mass shootings in America this month.

Trump and Republicans in Congress did nothing.


July 2018


Republicans in the House continue to push their insane conspiracy theories and undermine the Justice Department and the rule of law in order to protect Trump and his associates from being held accountable for their crimes.

Scott Pruitt, Trump's EPA Administrator, resigns after more than a year of nearly constant corruption scandals and environmental damage.

Trump names Andrew Wheeler, a coal lobbyist, as Acting EPA Administrator.

Meanwhile, new heat records were broken all over the planet this month despite the Republican party’s continued determination to pretend that climate change is a hoax.

Trump announces a new policy to detain immigrant children indefinitely with their families.

We also learn more details about how ICE agents are tormenting children. One example involves keeping 60 girls, some as young as 3 years old, inside cages in cold windowless rooms and depriving them of sleep and food for days at a time.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions cancels two dozen Justice Department policies that protected minorities.

Former college wrestlers say that when Republican Congressman Jim Jordan was an assistant coach on the Ohio State University wrestling team, he knew that the team doctor was molesting students and did nothing about it.

As Trump prepares to nominate another far-right Republican to the Supreme Court, we learn that Brett Talley, one of his failed judicial nominees who has joked about statutory rape and written approvingly of the founder of the KKK, has been working at the Justice Department, overseeing the office that advises the President on his judicial nominees.

The Senate Intelligence Committee concludes that Russian President Putin personally ordered the attack on the 2016 US election, and that he did so in order to help Trump win.

A Republican federal judge in Michigan rules that Detroit schoolchildren do not have a constitutional right to access to literacy.

A group of Republican Senators spend the 4th of July in Moscow having private meetings with Russian government officials.

When they return, they tell conflicting stories about what they were doing there.

Special Counsel Mueller indicts 12 Russian military intelligence officers, by name, for illegally breaking into the computer systems of the Democratic National Committee, the 2016 Clinton campaign, and State election systems, stealing files, and then releasing tens of thousands of stolen documents using fake online personas.

The indictment notes that the Russian military targeted Clinton campaign emails on July 27, 2016, just hours after candidate Trump asked them to, on live television.

The indictment also notes that a Republican congressional candidate contacted Russian operatives in 2016 and asked for intelligence on his campaign opponent, which he was then given.

Meanwhile, on the same day the detailed indictment is publicly released:

We learn that Illinois’s Republican Governor makes money from a private detention center that imprisons children captured by ICE.

We also learn that a major US defense contractor held dozens of immigrant children for weeks in a vacant office building with no kitchen, dark windows, and only a few toilets, and that ICE agents have been denying medical care to pregnant women in their custody.

Trump freezes billions of dollars of risk-adjustment payments to Obamacare health insurers.

These are not tax-dollars, but rather a pool that all insurers pay into to protect themselves from big losses. Freezing them will cause health insurance premiums to rise.

Trump's representatives at the United Nations try to stop a UN declaration supporting breastfeeding, after lobbying by baby formula manufacturers, even going so far as to threaten trade retaliation and withdrawal of military aid against countries supporting the declaration.

We learn that Trump is apparently separating children from their parents at the border, and imprisoning them, even when they cross the border legally.

A British woman is murdered in the UK, by exposure to the same military grade nerve agent that the British government says was used by Russia to murder a former Russian double agent in the UK a few months earlier.

Republicans in the Senate confirm Trump's nominee to run the Justice Department's Criminal Division, despite his ties to a Russian bank that is under investigation by FBI counter-intelligence agents.

Trump meets privately with Putin for two hours. No other Americans are present, not even note-takers. Literally nobody in the American government, except Trump and a single translator, has any idea what was said.

Afterwards, Trump and Putin give a joint press conference, in which Trump says he believes the Russian President over Trump’s own Director of National Intelligence (who is a Republican appointed by Trump), attacks the Mueller investigation, and promotes insane conspiracy theories.

After returning to the US, Trump says that, actually, he meant to say the opposite of what he said. And then reverses himself again within 24 hours, saying that Russia is not attacking the 2018 US election.

This all happens immediately after Trump says that the European Union is America's enemy. He then suggests that the US would not come to the defense of a NATO ally if it were in a war with Russia. That is literally what NATO exists for: to provide for mutual defense against Russia.

The #2 Republican in the Senate then blocks a Senate resolution accepting the conclusions of the US Intelligence community on the Russian attacks on the 2016 and 2018 American elections.

Prominent Republicans endorse arming toddlers with firearms.

Republicans block an attempt by Democrats to extend election security funding.

On the same day, the systems of three 2018 congressional campaigns are attacked using the same tactics that the Russian military used in 2016.

Meanwhile, States with governments run by Republicans continue purging likely Democratic voters from their voter rolls.

A major supplier of voting machines admits that they have been installing remote-access software on voting machines, and lying about it, for years.

This matters because we know that Russia attacked and accessed the voting systems of a majority of the States in 2016, but we had previously been told that no votes could have been changed, because there was no remote access software on the actual voting machines. Which we now know was a lie.

Federal prosecutors arrest a major NRA activist and charge her with being a Russian spy. The affidavit filed by the Justice Department reports the spy telling a Russian official that the Republicans "are for us" and the Democrats "against."

The next day, Trump's Treasury Department stops requiring that dark money groups like the NRA and the Koch network disclose the names of their donors, making it easier than it already is for billionaires and foreign governments to buy Republican politicians.

We learn that women are being sexually assaulted while in ICE custody.

More lawsuits are filed against Trump's border guards for tormenting children, including enforced hunger, enforced dehydration, enforced sleeplessness, insults and fairly routine physical assaults.

An Alabama Sheriff who endorsed accused child molester Roy Moore in his Senate race last year is himself accused of molesting underage girls, and of embezzling $750,000 in taxpayers dollars that were supposed to be used to feed prisoners.

Trump's Secretary of Homeland Security, who is responsible for carrying out his policy of putting toddlers in prison camps, says that both sides were to blame for the Nazi murder in Charlottesville last year, and denies having seen any evidence that Russia attacked the 2016 election in order to help Trump.

We learn that the Facebook data of millions of Americans, used by Cambridge Analytica to help Trump's 2016 campaign, was apparently accessed from Russia.

Trump's 2020 re-election campaign is currently using Cambridge Analytica, which has re-named itself Emerdata.

We learn that at their private meeting, Putin asked Trump to hand over several Americans, including the man who served as US Ambassador to Russia under President Obama, to Russian "interrogators". Trump calls this an “interesting idea” and an “incredible offer.”

The Russian government also says that Trump made several agreements with them at his private meeting with Putin. The US government does not know what those agreements are. Trump's White House offers no information.

Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee try to subpoena Trump's interpreter, as she is literally the only American on the planet who knows what Trump gave to Putin. Republicans on the committee block them from doing so.

More than half of Americans now thinks Trump has been compromised by Russian intelligence.

Trump's Treasury Secretary says the US is open to removing sanctions on a huge Russian aluminum company, which is majority owned by the same Russian billionaire that Trump's former campaign chairman (who is this month in prison awaiting trail on charges of conspiracy against the United States) was giving "private briefings" to during the 2016 election campaign.

Michael Cohen, Trumps former lawyer, says that during the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump's son informed Trump of the offer by Russian intelligence agents to meet in Trump Tower, and that Trump gave the go-ahead for his son, his campaign chairman, and his son-in-law, to have the meeting.

Quick Recap:

  • April 2016 - Russian military hacks into DNC servers and steals thousands of emails

  • April to June 2016 - Nothing happens

  • June 9 2016 - Trump's top campaign officials meet with Russian intelligence operatives at Trump Tower

  • June 12 2016 - Julian Assange publicly mentions the existence of the hacked DNC emails for the first time

  • June 15 2016 - DCLeaks begins publishing the DNC emails stolen by Russian military intelligence

Trump has previously said that he knew nothing of this meeting until he was asked about it by the New York Times in July 2017. But Cohen says that he and several other people were present when Trump was informed by Trump Jr of the Russians' offer in 2016.

Republicans launch a major assault on the Endangered Species Act.

Trump decides to spend $12 billion of taxpayer money on special welfare for farmers (who voted 3-to-1 for Trump), who are being driven out of business as a result of the trade war that Trump started for no particular reason.

Most of this welfare money will go to multimillion-dollar farming operations, not to small family farms.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is questioned by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. It becomes clear that more than a week after Trump’s private meeting with Putin, neither his Secretaries of State or Defense, his Director of National Intelligence, or his National Security Advisor have any idea what Trump really said to Putin when they talked alone for two hours.

After a court orders Wilbur Ross, Trump’s billionaire Commerce Secretary, to release his emails, it appears that Ross perjured himself when testifying to Congress about the Trump administration’s reasons for trying to include a question about citizenship in the upcoming US Census.

It is now clear that the the Administration wants to include the citizenship question in order to attempt to severely lower response rates in immigrant communities, which will deprive States with more immigrants of both federal resources and of seats in Congress.

Trump says that he’s now very concerned that Russia will attack the 2018 elections in order to help Democrats, because the Russians “definitely don’t want Trump!”

This despite that fact that Trump stood next to Putin just days earlier and listened to Putin literally say that he wanted Trump to win the election.

A 6 year old girl was sexually abused in one of Trump's toddler prison camps.

Russian attackers target the computer networks of a Democratic Senator’s re-election campaign.

Trump is now ignoring a law that requires him to either impose more sanctions on Russia in response for using chemical weapons to commit murder in the UK, or to explicitly inform Congress that he isn't going to do so.

We learn that during the 2016 election, the FBI believed that Carter Page, who was a foreign policy advisor to Trump’s campaign, had been recruited by Russian Intelligence in order to "undermine and influence the outcome of the 2016 US Presidential Election in violation of US criminal law".

Russian cyber-attacks have penetrated hundreds of US utility networks over the last year. Russia now has the ability to cause blackouts and launch other attacks on the American power grid.

Trump threatens to revoke the security clearances of several former heads of the CIA, FBI, and of National Intelligence who have publicly criticized him.

A federal judge orders Trump's toddler prison wardens to stop forcibly giving psychotropic medications to children, which is apparently a thing they've been doing.

Meanwhile, more immigrant children report being beaten and physically abused while in ICE custody.

42 people were killed and 184 were wounded in 46 mass shootings in America this month, including a shooting in Alabama where a man killed his wife and one of his children and wounded his other two children.

Trump and Republicans in Congress did nothing.


August 2018


Senate Republicans block an attempt by Democrats to give States more money to upgrade voting systems and protect against ongoing Russian military attacks.

More Republican Senators go to Moscow to meet with Russian officials.

Trump orders his Attorney General to “stop this Rigged Witch Hunt right now”, referring to the Special Counsel's investigation into the Russian military's attack on the United States.

This happens the morning after his former campaign chairman's trial begins, in which he faces 18 charges of fraud related to his political work for foreign dictators.

Hours later, Trump's lawyers pretend that this wasn't an order, but merely Trump expressing his opinion, as though that's a meaningful distinction.

China adds another $60 billion in tariffs on American products because of Trump's idiotic trade war that he started for no reason.

Trump revokes Obama's standards for vehicle fuel efficiency.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos revokes an Obama rule in order to make it easier for for-profit colleges to defraud students.

Trump now says that his son’s meeting with Russian intelligence operatives during the 2016 campaign was “meant to get information on an opponent”, despite his previous insistence that it was about “adoptions”, which is itself a euphemism for lifting sanctions on Russian human-rights abusers.

It is illegal for political campaigns to accept help from a foreign government or from foreign nationals.

The first Republican member of Congress to have endorsed Trump for President, Chris Collins, is indicted on federal insider trading charges.

Trump’s Treasury Department appears to be deliberately impairing the Senate Intelligence Committee’s investigation into the Russian military attack on American elections.

Trump and Republicans in the Senate have now appointed almost a fifth of all federal appeals court judges.

Trump begins stripping retired senior intelligence officials of their security clearances, in retaliation for their public criticism of him, starting with John Brennan, Obama’s CIA Director.

Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, is convicted of numerous felonies, including five counts of tax fraud, two counts of bank fraud, and one count of failure to declare a foreign bank account.

He faces a second trial next month on several more federal charges, including failure to register as a foreign agent, and conspiracy against the United States.

Trump proposes a major change to environmental regulations, which would allow states governments that are essentially owned by coal companies to regulate coal emissions.

We learn that Customs and Border officials are apparently routinely sexually assaulting women and underage girls under the guise of “random searches.”

The second Republican member of Congress to have endorsed Trump for President, Duncan Hunter, is indicted on dozens of criminal charges including wire fraud and campaign finance crimes.

Trump’s longtime personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, pleads guilty to eight felonies, including paying women to stay silent about sexual relationships with Trump, which is a violation of campaign finance laws.

As part of his guilty plea, Cohen testifies under oath that Donald Trump directed him to commit at least one of these crimes, which makes Trump an unindicted co-conspirator in the commission of a felony. The fact that he is the President is the only reason Trump is not also charged with this felony.

China imposes another $16 billion of tariffs on American products in retaliation for Trump’s idiotic trade war that he started for no reason.

Trump blocks a bill to increase the security of State election systems.

The top official overseeing student loans at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau resigns in protest of Trump’s policies that harm students and their families.

20 people were killed and 158 were wounded in 35 mass shootings in America this month, including a shooting in California where a man opened killed 3 of his children and wounded a fourth child.

Trump and Republicans in Congress did nothing.


September 2018


Trump complains that Attorney General Sessions allowed the Justice Department to file charges against two Republican Congressmen.

He is now essentially arguing that federal prosecutors should allow Republican politicians to commit crimes, because prosecuting them might be politically harmful to the Republican party.

The New York Times publishes an anonymous letter written by a senior Trump administration official, which describes the President as immoral and as essentially either mentally ill or intellectually disabled.

Trump’s Justice Department demands millions of North Carolina voter records in order to turn them over to immigration authorities, apparently in an attempt to investigate Trump’s voter fraud conspiracy theories and/or an attempt to distract from the numerous, repeated court rulings that found North Carolina Republicans deliberately attempted to suppress the rights of black voters.

ICE announces that from now on it will detain immigrant children indefinitely.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos blocks State governments from investigating predatory student loan companies.

New statistics show that approximately 3,000 people died in Puerto Rico as a result of last year's hurricane. Trump denies that number, and says that Democrats made it up to make him look bad.

Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign chairman, pleads guilty to conspiracy against the United States and conspiracy to obstruct justice. As part of his plea, he agrees to cooperate fully with the Special Counsel’s investigation into Russia’s attack on America.

A federal appeals court rules that billionaire donors to dark-money groups must be disclosed to the Federal Election Commission.

One day later, the Republican Chief Justice of the Supreme Court puts an indefinite hold on that ruling going into effect.

China announces another $60 billion worth of tariffs on another 5,200 US products, in retaliation for Trump’s idiotic trade war that he started for no reason.

Trump takes hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars that are supposed to pay for cancer research, and instead uses them to fund his prisons for immigrant children.

Trump's nominee to the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh, is accused of sexual assault by multiple women.

Over the course of his confirmation hearings, it becomes clear that the Republican party was knowingly hiding the fact that they were trying to put a serial sexual predator on the Court.

During the hearings, Kavanaugh's main accuser testifies that Kavanaugh attempted to rape her while they were both in high school.

Rather than question the alleged victim themselves, the Republican Senators on the Committee, all white men, hire a sex crimes prosecutor to interrogate her.

When Kavanaugh testifies after his accuser, he behaves like a mentally unstable, partisan conspiracy theorist. The Republican Senators take turns apologizing to him.

The White House is forced to order a supplemental FBI background investigation into the sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh, but then orders the FBI not to investigate all of the allegations, and not to contact most of the relevant witnesses.

We learn that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein had secretly considered wearing a wire while talking with Trump in order to gather evidence of a mental disability in case of a potential effort to remove him from office pursuant to the 25th Amendment.

The then-General Counsel to the FBI tells two House Committees that Rosenstein was not joking, and that this was a serious suggestion.

During his speech at the UN General Assembly, Trump is literally laughed at by the leaders of the rest of the world, when he says his administration has accomplished more than any other President in US history.

The Environmental Protection Agency tells the head of the Office of Children’s Health Protection to stop coming to work.

This was not a disciplinary action, but rather part of an attempt to slow down efforts to protect children’s health from environmental threats.

The Environmental Protection Agency decides to dissolve the Office of the Science Advisor, which advises the head of the EPA on the science justifying environmental regulations.

The Transportation Department releases a 500-page study which concludes that on current trends, by the end of this century the planet will have suffered a 7 degree temperature rise, which will have massive, catastrophic effects.

It then further concludes that rather than combat climate change, there’s nothing that can be done, and so we might as well reverse higher fuel efficiency standards put in place under Obama.

Trump's Department of Homeland Security has been moving detained immigrant children, secretly and at night, into a “tent city” in Texas.

We learn that Trump is preparing to dramatically weaken a major environmental regulation limiting toxic mercury emissions from coal-burning power plants.

California passes a law restoring net neutrality within the State. Attorney General Sessions immediately orders the Justice Department to sue California and block the law.

24 people were killed and 30 were wounded in 9 mass shootings in America this month, including a shooting in Maryland where a man murdered his wife and two children.

Trump and Republicans in Congress did nothing.


October 2018


Trump begins denying visas to same-sex domestic partners of foreign diplomats and UN officials.

Foreign diplomats and UN officials are often personal friends of the leaders of allied nations. This is an idiotic insult that comes with a huge potential longterm diplomatic cost to the United States, for no benefit whatsoever.

The Trump administration is attempting to weaken U.S. radiation regulations, apparently under the bizarre belief that radiation is good for people.

We learn that Trump has apparently committed massive tax fraud in order to enrich himself.

Trump has been insisting for years that his father loaned him $1 million, once, and he built his riches from there.

In reality, he seems to have inherited hundreds of millions of dollars, and appears to have committed felony tax fraud in order to avoid paying taxes on most of it.

After an FBI “investigation” in which the White House prevented the FBI from contacting more than 40 relevant witnesses, Republican Senators vote to put Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court.

Of the five Republicans who now control the Supreme Court, four were appointed by Republican Presidents who lost the popular vote, one of whom was himself installed in the White House by five Republicans who controlled the Supreme Court.

Two of the five Republicans on the Court have been credibly accused of sexual misconduct.

We learn that immigration officials are planning to put children taken from their parents by border agents up for adoption.

Brian Kemp, the Republican candidate for Governor of Georgia, and also currently the official in charge of Georgia's elections, is blocking 53,000 voter registrations, 70% of which are from African-Americans.

This is only possible because in 2013 the Republican-controlled Supreme Court struck down a federal law that had blocked States with a history of suppressing the voting rights of racial minorities from continuing to do so.

We later learn that Kemp improperly purged almost 350,000 people from Georgia's voter rolls by claiming that they had moved, even though they still live at their registered addresses.

The EPA disbands a review panel of scientists that advises agency leadership on air pollution.

Having ballooned the deficit with tax cuts for their billionaire owners, Republicans in Congress announce that they will pay for it by cutting social security, medicare, and medicaid.

This is Republican economic policy at its core: Taking food and medicine away from the sick, the elderly, and the poor, in order to give massive amounts of money to people who already have far more money than they could ever use in a lifetime, who coincidentally happen to be the people who invest hundreds of millions of dollars into electing Republicans every two years.

Jamal Khashoggi, a Washington Post journalist, is lured into a Saudi embassy in Turkey, and then beaten, tortured, and dismembered alive with a bone saw by a Saudi government hit squad flown into the country specifically to commit this murder. Trump tries to help the Saudi government cover it up.

The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, who is the real authority behind the Saudi Government, is very close with Jared Kushner.

Trump and Kushner both appear to have significant financial ties to Saudi Arabia.

When asked if the Crown Prince is involved in the gruesome murder, Trump uses the “He says he’s innocent” line that he seems to reserve for obviously guilty men, such as Putin (accused of ordering a Russian Military Intelligence attack on the 2016 and 2018 American elections,) Rob Porter (White House staff accused of beating multiple ex-wives), Roy Moore (accused of serial child molestation), and Brett Kavanaugh (accused of multiple sexual assaults.)

Trump then suggests that perhaps “rogue killers” were responsible.

After a week or so, the Saudis admit that Kashoggi died in their embassy, but say that it was the result of a fistfight. Trump seems to accept the absurd notion that the 15 person hit squad wielding a bone saw just happened to be there, and that Kashoggi started a fight with them.

US intelligence agencies believe it is inconceivable that the Saudi Crown Price had no connection to this murder. Trump disagrees with his own intelligence community, and seems to accept the absurd Saudi explanation of the murder.

It's worth noting that:

  • Trump has boasted of making "hundreds of millions" from business dealings with Saudi Arabia.

  • Revenues at Trump's hotel in Manhattan stopped declining earlier this year after a last minute large rental of rooms by the Saudi Crown Prince.

  • Just before and after the 2016 election, a Saudi lobbying firm spent $300,000 at Trump's hotel in DC.

  • The Saudi government bought a floor of Trump Tower in New York in 2001 for $4.5 million.

Jared Kushner seems to have paid virtually no federal income tax between 2009 and 2016, despite having a net worth estimated at over $300 million.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke fires his Department's Inspector General and replaces her with a Republican political appointee who worked on Trump's campaign.

The fired Inspector General had been running at least four separate corruption investigations into Secretary Zinke and his wife.

She was also a career official who had done her job for a decade. Her replacement was a GOP operative with zero experience investigating allegations of ethical violations.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says that Republicans will try to repeal Obamacare again in 2019 if they win enough seats in the midterm elections.

The Metropolitan Republican Club in New York City invites the founder of a violent far-right movement to give a speech, after which his supporters attack New Yorkers on the street.

We learn about the efforts of the far-right Heritage Foundation to compromise the legitimacy of the judiciary.

The group runs a “training academy” for recent law school graduates who are about to clerk for federal judges, during which “generous donors” make “significant financial investments” in the law clerks, and in return the clerks pledge secrecy about the nature of the arrangement.

Trump praises a Republican Congressman who was convicted of violently assaulting a reporter.

Republicans begin a smear campaign intended to Trump’s attempt to help the Saudi government coverup their murder of a Washington Post columnist.

There is a stunning contrast between Republican officials' fury about Brett Kavanaugh's due process rights and their simultaneous suggestions that maybe the journalist chopped into pieces by the Saudi government deserved it.

Federal prosecutors charge a Russian woman with interfering with the 2018 elections.

In the days before the midterm elections, Trump and Republicans heavily promote a racist conspiracy theory that a caravan of migrants walking through Central America, largely women and children, is funded by George Soros and is actually full of middle eastern terrorists and violent gang members.

In a political stunt, Trump then sends 5,000 active duty soldiers to the Mexican border a week before the midterm elections, supposedly to stop the caravan of women and children fleeing central America on foot, despite the fact that they will not reach the border for several more weeks.

He and his Secretary of Homeland Security suggest that the troops might fire on the unarmed women and children that they are pretending are terrorists.

Trump starts openly calling himself a nationalist, a term embraced by his "alt-right" white supremacist supporters.

Within a week:

Packages with pipe bombs are sent to President Obama, President Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, former CIA Director John Brennan, George Soros, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Vice-President Biden, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, Senator Cory Booker, and actor Robert DeNiro, as well as to the offices of CNN.

Trump decides to cancel a Homeland Security program designed to counter far-right domestic terrorism.

Trump refuses to appoint administrative judges to the non-partisan Board of Veterans Appeals (which resolves disputes about veterans’ benefits) unless they are Republicans.

We learn that China and Russia are listening to Trump’s phone calls because he still refuses to use secure phones.

The Supreme Court allows the Republican-controlled government of North Dakota to prevent almost 70,000 North Dakotans from voting in the 2018 midterm elections. This is almost 10% of the State's population.

Trump says that he will overrule the 14th amendment by executive order, ending birthright citizenship.

This is openly racist and would be blatantly unconstitutional.

40 people were killed and 116 were wounded in 31 mass shootings in America this month.

Trump and Republicans in Congress did nothing.


November 2018


A gunman with a history of posting racist and misogynistic videos murders 2 women in a Florida yoga studio, and wounds five other people.

Trump and the Republican Congress do nothing.

Trump fires Attorney General Sessions, and installs Matthew Whitaker, Sessions’ Chief of Staff and a Trump loyalist, as Acting Attorney General.

Whitaker’s appointment as Acting Attorney General is unconstitutional, because only people currently serving in Senate confirmed positions can be appointed as Acting Attorney General.

Whitaker has publicly and repeatedly attacked the Special Counsel’s investigation, but unlike Sessions, he is not recused from it, which means that for now he, not Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, is ultimately in charge of overseeing the investigation despite not legitimately holding his position.

A gunman murders 13 people and injures 18 more in a bar in California.

Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress do nothing.

Trump's White House falsely accuses a CNN reporter of assaulting a female White House intern during a televised press conference.

The intern had attempted to grab the microphone from the reporter’s hands while he held onto it as he and Trump were engaged in an argument.

The White House releases an doctored video of the incident, which is altered in order to make the reporter appear more physically aggressive.

Trump orders border officials to block all asylum claims from migrants who enter the country anywhere other than official ports of entry. This is a violation of both US and international law.

Several days later, a federal judge blocks Trump’s illegal order from going into effect.

Trump awards the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor, to the wife of a billionaire Republican donor who spent over $110 million on Republican politicians during the 2018 election.

Scientists from 13 federal agencies issue a major report warning that unless significant actions are taken to reduce climate change, by the end of this century it will result in twice as much economic damage as was caused by the Great Recession.

Trump says he doesn’t believe the report.

Special Counsel Mueller's office tells a federal court that Paul Manafort, Trump's former campaign chairman, has violated his plea agreement and committed several additional felonies by repeatedly lying to the FBI and to the Special Counsel’s office.

Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal lawyer, pleads guilty to repeatedly lying to both the House and Senate Intelligence Committees during their investigations into the Russian government's attacks on the 2016 American elections.

His plea shows that Trump and his associates were in direct contact with the Kremlin about potential business deals in Russia at least as late as the summer of 2016, during the Presidential campaign, at the same time that Russian military intelligence units were attacking the US election, and that Trump and his associates have been repeatedly lying about all of it, frequently under oath.

59 people were killed and at least 85 were wounded in 27 mass shootings in America this month.

Trump and Republicans in Congress did nothing.


December 2018


Republican state legislatures in Wisconsin and Michigan begin passing laws to strip their States’ incoming Democratic Governors, Attorneys General, and Secretaries of State of official powers.

Federal prosecutors file court documents detailing the crimes of Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal lawyer.

They include assertions that Cohen broke federal campaign finance laws at the direction of Donald Trump, and more details about connections between the Trump organization and the Russian government.

Separately, the Special Counsel's Office gives details to a federal court about the ways in which Paul Manafort, Trump's former campaign chairman, violated his plea deal.

Russian operative Maria Butina pleads guilty to conspiracy against the United States.

She had worked to infiltrate the NRA and to build covert ties between the Kremlin and prominent conservative organizations in the United States.

Trump threatens to shut down the government if Democrats in Congress do not give him billions of taxpayer dollars to build his border wall.

Trump’s EPA begins the process of removing water pollution regulations that currently protect millions of acres of wetlands and tens of thousands of miles of streams.

Vice President Pence is forced to break a tie in the Senate in order to confirm one of Trump’s federal appeals court nominees, who is one of many that have been rated “not qualified” by the American Bar Association.

This is the first time in American history that a Vice-President was needed to break a tie vote in order to confirm a federal judge.

A seven-year-old girl being held in Border Patrol custody dies from dehydration.

A Republican federal judge rules that Obamacare is unconstitutional, in a lawsuit brought by 20 Republican State Attorneys General and Governors.

The law will remain in effect while the case is appealed.

Two of Trump's former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn's former business partners at his lobbying firm are charged with conspiracy to act as agents of a foreign government.

Trump announces he will spend another $4.9 billion of taxpayer money on special welfare payments to farmers and ranchers who are being decimated by his idiotic trade war that he started for no reason.

Most of this welfare money will go to multimillion-dollar farming operations, not to small family farms.

The Republicans shut down the government, again.

800,000 federal workers are affected by the shutdown, including 420,000 who are now required to work without pay.

Federal employees not being paid include the workforce of the IRS, the Coast Guard, the Border Patrol, and Air Traffic Controllers. Food, drug, and environmental inspections stop, and national parks and museums are unstaffed.

This is the second time in a year that the Republicans have shut down the government. Before this year, it had been decades since one party had controlled the Presidency, House, and Senate, and been unable to agree with itself on funding the government.

Trump abruptly decides to withdraw all American military forces fighting ISIS in Syria, in a significant policy victory for Russian President Putin.

He makes this decision with no planning, without consulting his own national security team or any of America's allies, and over the strong objections of his own Secretaries of Defense and State, and his National Security Advisor.

Defense Secretary Mattis resigns in protest. The acting Defense Secretary is now a former Boeing executive with no military or foreign policy experience, and no previous government experience.

Days later, the top American official in charge of coordinating the allied coalition fighting ISIS resigns, concluding that he "could not carry out these instructions and maintain my integrity at the same time."

An eight-year-old boy being held in the custody of the Department of Homeland Security dies from a “cold” after being moved through four separate detention facilities in six days.

13 people were killed and 56 were wounded in 15 mass shootings in America this month, including a shooting in Missouri where a man murdered his ex-wife, her two children, and her mother.

Trump and Republicans in Congress did nothing.