What We Want


Medicare For All

Citizens of every other advanced western democracy on the planet don't have to pay huge monthly insurance premiums. When they have serious medical problems, they don't have to beg strangers on the internet for money in order to avoid bankruptcy. They have universal healthcare. The only reason we don't have it too is because the billionaires that own the Republican Party don't want us to.

Economic Justice

Economic inequality is at historically destabilizing levels because the super wealthy have bought our government and rigged the economy. We need a $15 minimum wage indexed to inflation, paid family and sick leave, a substantial wealth tax on people with assets above $50 million, and a one-time cancellation of student debt which would boost GDP by more than $86 billion per year for 10 years.

Action on Gun Violence

Americans are 4.4% of the world's population, but almost 15% of the world's gun deaths. An overwhelming majority of Americans support both universal background checks and banning domestic abusers and stalkers from possessing firearms. In order to stop the endless slaughter of Americans, we need to enact both, as well as a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. The only reason we haven’t already is because the NRA owns the Republican Party.

Combat the Climate Crisis

By the end of this century, unless we make drastic changes, we will be living on a catastrophically changed planet. We need to implement the Green New Deal which will transition our economy to a 100% renewable electric grid by 2035, zero net carbon emissions by 2050, and create 10 million well-paying jobs over a decade, including a green job guarantee for anyone transitioning out of a dirty energy job.

Boost Public Education

An educated populace, able to think critically, is required in order to maintain a democratic republic. We are currently living the result of having neglected to adequately educate ourselves for decades. It cannot continue. We need to fully fund K-12 schools nationwide, and make public colleges and universities tuition-free.

A New Voting Rights Act

We need to pass a new Voting Rights Act that includes (1) making Election Day a national holiday, (2) national automatic voter registration, (3) banning gerrymandering, and (4) repealing Republican voter suppression laws.

Criminal Justice and Immigration Reform

Our immigration and criminal justice systems are broken. We need comprehensive fixes to both, including (1) restructuring ICE to focus on actual threats rather than tormenting children, (2) banning private prisons, and (3) legalizing cannabis.

Restoring Integrity to Our Government

After 2020, a wholesale cleansing of the government will be needed. Every executive action taken by Trump or his appointees needs to be examined, and reversed if necessary. Every federal judge installed by Trump needs to be examined, and those that are unfit need to be removed from office.

Constitutional Reform

By 2040, 30% of Americans will control 70% of the Senate. Two of the last three Presidents lost the popular vote. The Republican Supreme Court's ruling in the Citizens United case allows billionaires to buy politicians. All of these are incompatible with the founding principle of our country, that government legitimacy rests on the consent of the governed. Constitutional reform is necessary, including restructuring the Senate, getting money out of politics, and abolishing the Electoral College.